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MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017

A transcontinental collaboration of PAUL DIREK and PITOUR illuminates dress codes of both cultures. CHANGE based on the idea of building a cultural bridge between Thailand and Austria and presenting a fashionable combination of these two cultures. As part of the Thai Fashion Night, PAUL DIREK and PITOUR show a joint collection for SS 2018, also available to order in the showroom. Through the eyes of the respective other, a collection for women and men was developed, many outfits unisex. CHANGE stands for the chance for a common global future.

ELLE Fashion Week 2017

BLACK to NATURE Fall/Winter 2017
City people nowadays have to face pollution from contaminated environments. That’s why city people want to get closer to nature. This collection has drawn inspiration from city life by using “black” to represent “change” while reflecting social awareness of environmental issues. Meanwhile, natural materials, such as eri silk and hemp fibers, have been used to refer to “nature”. In essence, “Black to Nature” has been created to promote the environmental preservation and the balance between city and nature.

MQ Vienna Fashion Week S/S 2015

The outstanding feature of this collection lies in its use of geometric with a touch of inspiration from textiles of Armish, a small community in Europe and USA. The Armish refuse to rely on modern technology and stick to the old way of living. They don’t use electric appliances, telephones and automobiles. They use carriages as means of transportation and they live on agriculture. Their ways of living is reflected in the style of their arts and crafts. Geometric is used to reflect the Armish’s simple and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. At the same time, patterns on the textile will remind you of paddy fields and rice grass. With this inspiration in mind, PAUL DIREK emphasizes on simple design that portrays the traditional way of living while simultaneously presenting the unique identity which separates us from the rest.

MQ Vienna Fashion Week S/S 2016

The Light of faith. to inspiration.
Inspired by the beauty of tradition. The floating lanterns in which is the ancient tradition of the million. In the northern of Thailand. In the true meaning of this tradition is to worship the world cup of progressive element chula mani (containing my boxing of prince. The right hand. He cut out before I. G) even if the beginning of a tradition... Hard to believe, but, in other words, " the floating lanterns in " is the media going to feel the " hope " and " new beginnings " Have a great
In every year, the image of sky lantern with light blinged full, the sky is pretty impressive. Every time I see, until you feel the need to watch the power of hope, that this beautiful drifting. On your clothes so people can wear costume designing development In a format that like polka dot with a two tone color matters is yellow and black. that reflects the light of hope. Soft and the air at once.

Jakarta Fashion Week A/W 2016

Inspired by fashion in the 1920's in which women began to wear more comfortable clothes without neglecting their sophisticated glamour and style, the collection features the fashion of the era with a contemporary twist. The sweetness of white lace is meticulously added to accentuate feminine look. Simple yet elegant, the collection is suitable to wear in your everyday life.


This fashion set draws inspiration from Mozart’s symphony to portray Vienna as a city of music and a place where Mozart, one of the greatest musicians in the world, used to live.
This motif is reflected in the accessories as well as printed fabric used in this fashion set which has been specially designed to resemble musical notes.

Artist In Residence Project (AIR)

MQ Vienna Fashion Week
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